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    What Our Custumers Says ?

    I really like that how this company is able to ship internationally and provide quality Indian cow ghee. I don’t see any issues with the ghee itself but being in this industry I would give additional star if they followed ancient Ayurveda recommended Dohan practice for milking.

    It’s real ghee made by the traditional way. The ghee is so perfect that it is not completely solidified inside the house around 69 degree F.
    The taste is amazing with typical indian ghee smell. The texture is coarse just like home made indian ghee.
    The best.

    Ghee is good. Hope there is no adulteration of any kind. There appears to be more than one bottle of ghee in the latest batch which has seal broken. I received a bottle with broken seal too. If the seller clarifies, we will get more confidence to buy the bottle in future. Seal referred here is under the bottle lid/cap . Outer seal is intact.

    Best ghee! The aroma is nostalgic!It just takes back to the memories of childhood. Feel like back in home!

    Authentic ghee, i ordered it in the US the shipping was fast and safe, the ghee tasted the same as the village ghee i used to have when i was little, i believe they use the real bilona process, really recommend this product.