SHREERADHEY Organic Premium Saffron Threads (1 Gram / 0.035 Oz)


This is a Vegetarian product.

  • Organic Premium Saffron Threads (1 Gram / 0.035 Oz)
  • Shree Radhey saffron comes direct from Kashmir India and is packed in a food grade glass jar.
  • No Added Colour, Flavour, Preservatives. All Red Long Threads Kashmir Saffron is better than Saffron of other countries notably Afghani, Irani, Spanish Saffron and Saffron with yellow threads which is just useful for decoration purpose.
  • Saffron is known to be natural antioxidant which provides various Health benefits both to men and women. A perfect choice for pregnant women. It’s an excellent source for fair glowing radiant skin and is widely used as a beauty product.
  • In addition, Saffron is used in Exotic Food Products like in milk, kheer, biryani, Thandai, ice creams, bakery products, Gourmet, Ayurvedic uses. It is also used daily as a tilak for puja/ religious festivities.

Shelf Life: 12 Months


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